holiness or he’ll your choice


Civil War is coming to this nation very soon.


To fight or not to fight, that is the question. Or rather, to fight this enemy or that. There is a battle Christians all need to wage against the enemy of our souls, the enemy of the church – Satan. But there are many other skirmishes and insidious battles being fought by the brethren… between this movement and that, between this crowd and that, battles being fought to divide the church… But the Bible teaches us that we should not skirmish and rail against flesh and blood, but against theRead More

Is Your Heart Right With GOD????

Here is the question that I am going to ask all of you that are reading this post on this site. 1. Have you REPENTED of the SINS that you have Committed? 2. Do you have a daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ which is the only way that you will make it into haven? If not then you need to Repent of the Sins that you are doing and have done ask Him to forgive you and then ask Jesus to be the Lord over your life soRead More