Being Rejected by others all of the time.


How do we overcome Rejection?

Rejection is a inner wound. The only way for it to be cleansed is through forgiveness. When someone is wounded by rejection, he must quickly forgive; otherwise, an unclean spirit can gain entry because the wound is not being taken care of in a positive light.

This is what can happen when we do not apply forgiveness to the offense. The wound or injury can easily manifest into resentment, hatred, bitterness and anger. What Can Be Done? The answer is in the cross of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus died in our place He provides forgiveness and deliverance from unclean spirits. ( ” I want to let you know that Jesus has set me free. He taught me to forgive, I use to be held in bondage of anger, bitterness, resentment, self pity, hurt and pain and in a big way unforgiveness. This does not happen naturally, to be set free of these infirmities.”)

Jesus is our great Physician. His atoning blood has made provision for all healing: spirit, soul and body. Isaiah 53:375 Jesus was ” wounded for our transgressions. He was ” despised and rejected of men”

How did Jesus react when he was wounded and rejected by others? While Jesus was hanging on the cross He said ” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” Luke 23:34. Is this not what we could say? I’ll forgive that person because they have no idea how much they have hurt me and affected me? And how can we say we never have hurt anyone? So lets follow Jesus’ example and learn how to forgive people.

Jesus ministry was prophesied in the book of Isaiah. Luke 4:`8 says: “He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives…to set at liberty them that are bruised” Brokenhearted ness is the result of inner wounding. Those who have been “bruised” need deliverance, and Jesus has come to “set at liberty” such bruised ones.


Rejection: A Root Problem

I believe we all have experienced rejection in one form or another. Rejection is so common to us all. Rejection can be one of our worst common wounds.

Rejection results from the denial of love. When we are loved we feel approval and acceptance. When a person is rejected he feels disapproved and refused. The hurts and pains of rejection are refusal, denial, turndown, rebuff, repellence, cold shoulder, slighting, shunning, ignoring, neglecting, avoiding and disapproving.

We All Require Love

Love is necessary for the development of a healthy “self” life. Without love we develop problems. Rejection causes a wound to ”self”. When “self” is wounded many abnormalities can develop within one’s personality. The wounded personality can develop abnormalities that can affect behavior, attitudes, opinions and physical infirmities that can emerge from emotional stress of one’s rejection.

God is Love

God is love” and His kingdom is a kingdom of love. God first loved us, He has reached out to man through Jesus redemption.

Satan hates Love

Here’s some thing to listen to: Satan hates love. He wants to destroy love because God is love. A demon can not function in an atmosphere of praise, for praise binds him (Ps 149); He can not work in an atmosphere of love, for love is contrary to the devil’s nature (John 8: 42-44) LOVE PREVENTS SATAN FROM WREAKING HAVOC IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS. This is why the word of God exhorts husbands to love their wives, wives to love their husbands, parents to love their children and Christians to love one another. LOVE DEFEATS THE DEVIL, but rejection opens a door of opportunity for the devil to do a work of evil.

Satan builds his kingdom on rejection. Love does not exist in the demonic kingdom. The kingdom is founded upon fear, control and acts of evil.

Two wrong reactions from rejection

Fear of rejection
Self rejection

How they affect us:

1. Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection- Once a person has been, rejected. He expects or anticipates further wounding. The fear of additional hurt causes him to create false defense mechanisms. Who can he trust?
Will He be hurt again?
Will other people inflict their wounds upon him?

In order to prevent further hurts, he begins to suspect the intentions of others. He develops a distrust of their motives. In other words he develops a “paranoia”. As this pattern of distrust and suspicion grows, the paranoia will eventually develop fears that others are plotting against him. The root behind paranoia is always “fear of rejection”

2. Self Rejection

When a person has suffered the wound of rejection he usually begins to reject himself.. He may question himself ” What is it about me that repels tohers?” He begins to think that if he were different, or even someone else, he would be loved and accepted. If he believes this the self rejected person seeks to change his personality. He will want to copy someone whom he observes as being loved by others. When we seek to imitate others we are not being our true self.

When we reject the “self” that God has created, we open ourselves to form one or more alternate personalities, which will ba a false self and demonically inspired. Self rejection is the door through which the characteristic multiple personalities of schizophrenia are enabled to enter.

Chapter II

Reasons For Rejection

Wounds from rejection cause us to have “open doors”. We are left vulnerable from our wounds. With these open doors evil spirits are able to enter. The enemy is always looking for open doors which are negative. From conception he looks at the inherited cures due to the sins of one’s ancestors ( Exodus 20: 4,5 : Deuteronomy 30:19) These will continue to perpetuate until the redemptive work of Christ is appropriated through faith and deliverance ( see Galatians 3:13) Openings can also come through parents negative attitudes and addictive habits.

Unwanted Conception

A demon of rejection finds ground to enter when the parents reject their child’s very conception. Why might a baby be rejected from the time of conception: A child may be conceived in lust rather than love, through fornication or adultery. Few illegitimately conceived babies are wanted and loved. The child is rejected at life’s beginning.
In addition to the wound of rejection, illegitimacy also produces a “bastard” curse. Deuteronomy 23:2-An illegitimate person and his descendants were forbidden to enter the temple for 10 generations.

Babies ought to be conceived in love. A baby in the womb is capable of sensing both positive and negative spiritual influences. A child in the womb is capable of knowing if he is loved or not.

Other Prenatal Rejections

Some babies are rejected while yet in the womb for such reasons as:
1.Conceived too soon after marriage.
2. Conceived too close to the birth of a previous child.
3. Financial strain on the family is created.
4. Fears of being pregnant, a deformed child, these fears could cause her not to have a child.
5. Conflict between parents.
6. The parents to-be already have all the children they had planned.
7. Contemplated or attempted abortion.
8. Wrong sex preference.
9. Physical problems.
10. Victim of circumstances (sometimes the mother is not permitted to see her child for hours after his birth).
11. Adoption (This abandonment by the parents produces a severe wound)
12. The death of 1 or both parents
13. Divorce (conflict in the family) (child can feel to blame and will need deliverance from guilt.)

Victim of Abuse

1. Verbal abuse ( who can measure the injury that occurs to children who are continually abused with cruel words?
2. Physical abuse ( restoration is possible through deliverance and love)
3. Sexual Abuse ( fondling, sodomy, incest and rape) Sexual abuse creates extreme instability of personality in its victims. These wounds are usually suppressed and buried deep inside. The sexually abused experience a deep sense of guilt and defilement. The burden of shame can be crushing.

Peer Rejection

Strong memories of rejection often go back to school day experiences. Children are wounded when they are not accepted by their peers.

Marriage Rejection

Separation and divorce always cause wounds of rejection. Those whom God has joined together cannot be taken apart without a tearing. Some of the worst trauma rejections come through hurts associated with divorce. When the marriage covenant is broken by unfaithfulness, the hurt is the betrayal of love. When one spouse within a marriage walks out on the other, it constitutes abandonment of love.

Also there are some spouses who live in perpetual rejection within marriage. There is no communication, no friendship and no love. One common type of marital rejection is sexual rejection. The husband or wife refuses conjugal rights to his or her spouse. (I Cor 7:3-6)

Church Related Rejections

We fellow Christians are suppose to love one another ( I John 3:10) Many Christians have been wounded by their own pastors and pastors have been hurt by their people.

Christ has commanded us to love one another (John 15:12) It is our challenge to our obedience towards God to love one another. Those whom we find most difficult to love are those who need our love the most. The reason others seem unlovable is usually because they have already been hurt, and they are reacting to those hurts. They are suffering in their personalities the wounds of rejections.

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