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NOTE: This slaughter was confirmed by reports from International

Christian Concern (‘’) and other sources. In 2011

American Christian radio host Harold Camping prophesied that

the Rapture and Judgment Day would take place on May 21,

2011. Tragically, this false prophecy caused hundreds of Hmong

people to be slaughtered. Below is a report from Jacob Prasch

from that time describing what happened:


by Jacob Prasch

As most of you are aware I am at this moment in North Vietnam

helping the much persecuted Hmong people of the tribal mountain areas.

After listening to a translation of Camping’s prediction 7,000 of these

people (known in The West as Montagnards) gathered on a mountain

praising God – their suffering at the hands of the Communist regime

was about to end because Jesus was returning that day in May to

establish a new kingdom.

The police and military police slaughtered many of them at gunpoint

beheading two pastors. Others were arrested. I am told by Hmong

pastors that so many were shot dead that they were buried in mass

graves bulldozed over in an episode that I read about in Britain

but did not understand the magnitude of until I got here. I am now

trying to clean up the mess at the request of local Hmong leaders.

I spoke to a secret convocation of Hmong pastors only yesterday

who came to Hanoi, explaining to them about false prophets and

false teachers.

Due to a combination of poverty, ignorance, and persecution these

poor Christians don’t understand much so they believed Camping’s

the shortwave broadcast which is how most get their teaching in a

certain village area with heavy persecution. Their families don’t know

if their missing loved ones are among the many shot dead, among

those arrested and imprisoned, or among those from the 7,000

hiding in the jungle.

I am not the nicest guy in the world let alone the best Christian

and I can’t pretend to be. But anyone who had to deal with the

confusion and devastation I am dealing with now due to Harold

Camping would also blow their top. These people already suffering

for their faith in Jesus had it bad enough. They are not like the

undersigning wackos in The West who should have known

Camping was a crackpot and a proven false prophet & false teacher.

This is a persecuted church who just had no means to know any

different. This is why I get angry at those who deceive the Body of

Christ and why I warn so much about false teachers and false

prophets. It may be an extreme case but these people, some of

them children, were shot dead. Of course, we can blame Satan and

the communists but their blood is on the hands of Harold Camping

and his Family radio. Women without husbands, children without

parents, husbands without wives – thank you Family Radio; thank

you Harold Camping.

Frankly, this has been a rough week for me. One of the worst I ever

had. I am up to my eyeballs in muck trying to explain to tribal

pastors how to explain to their people why their families were

massacred needlessly and trying to advise them how to protect

their flocks from such wolves in the future…

The anguish of the Hmong folk took my concentration off of my

own problems… because their problems are so much greater

after what they refer to as ‘the mountain massacre’ due to Harold


Please pray for these people and the work of Moriel Asia branch

here among the Hmong. We are trying to get 5,000 outlawed

Hmong Bibles printed or smuggled in via Laos.

Where does it end? These people are suffering terribly while

Camping is still in business in Oakland, California – as usual telling

more lies… Come, Lord Jesus.

-Jacob Prasch, 2011.


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